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My favorite movie scene was when Katnis destroyed the arena!
My favorite part of Catching Fire was when all the victors held hands at the interviews. Also, when they Were in the arena and Katniss was about to shoot Finnick, and he tells out "Remember who the enemy Is"..... Then she blows up the arena :)
McKenna Brooks
Gimme anything btws I loved catching fire it blew
My mind💕
My favorite moment was when Gale woke up on the Everdeens' table and said, "Hey, Catnip." I burst into tears. I love that revolutionary boy!
Such a hard question, but I'd have to say my favorite scene would be the entire training center sequence. Katniss talking to Wiress and Beetee, offering to show Mags how to hunt, and then totally dominating the archery compound in front of the audience. It was all just so cool and epic!
I have two. When Joanna strips in the elevator and when katniss and peeta kissbon the beach!
Kelly G.
I haven't seen the movie yet (I know boo! right?) but in the book I was really touched when Mags sacrificed herself for the group.
My favorite scene is when Katniss' wedding dress turns into the mockingjay dress. Such a powerful scene
Trinace C.
My favorite scene was the train scene when Katniss was having a nightmare and Peeta came running in. She asking him to stay with her and he saying ALWAYS. That just says it all about Peeta and Katniss.
My favorite scene was Johanna stripping down in the elevator!
Favorite scene would have to be.. hmm.. when they had a chance to show off their picked talents & Katniss saw the drawing Peeta did of Rue. Also, when she hung that mannequin thingy for her talent.

The most hardest part would have to be when they killed the black man who did the rebellion sign, and the tune Katniss & Rue would communicate with.
Kelci Gilot
The Hunger Games Trilogy: The Best Books Ever Written
My favorite scene was when Mags kisses Finnick's head before entering the fog; it really shows how much they meant to each other, that he was willing to run away with her on his back forever and she made sure to let him know that she loved him one last time.
Allison Washington
My favorite scene from Catching Fire was when Katniss spun around and her dress went from a wedding gown to a mockingjay (gown).
Sylvia Palmer
My favotite scene was the elevator. The look on Jennifer's face, priceless.
My favourite movie scene was with Joanna in the elevator :)
Sarah Kellar
I liked it when they saw the lizard people
Raul Tavarez
I sincerely loved the elevator scene with Johanna! :D It was exactly as I imagined it while reading the book!

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